Mobile Notification Widget

Suggestion/idea is for a notification widget for mobile devices (ie Android, iOS). The idea stems from current push notifications getting lost or missed among many other push notifications on my phone.

The concept is to have a Homey notification widget which can be used to see Homey notifications as soon as I unlock my screen - they are visible front and centre (refer example below)

The widget could be used as follows:

  • One line text notifications for each notification. Examples include all push notifications like “You have new mail” when mailbox has letters. The line could truncate overly long sentences.
  • Scrolling notifications. The text notifications would slowly scroll when there are more than can fit in the widget size.
  • Icons. Use icons separately or in line with a line notification. Examples: icon display when garage door left open. Icon green when garage door is shut and red when garage door is open. Icon can be used for anything
  • Button to clear/acknowledge the current notifications
  • Flows. Yes there is a widget for flows. Though it could be revamped to include this suggestion or a new widget which can incorporate flows as well.

Other functionality could be incorporated such as displaying temperature, % of an item, etc

Great idea!
But unfortunately Athom does not read (actively) along here.
You better send them your idea via:

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You may also use Telegram or any of the other message apps supported via Homey-apps.

Thanks for letting me know. I have contacted Homey Support and provided the suggestion as you suggested. Cheers

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As far as I kkow, the notifications are system items sent by the push messaging service like Google Firebase cloud messaging Service.
A widget can’t read these informations. So it would be only possible for a widget to use/show the Homey timeline.