Nimly flows?

How can I get a flow to manage my lock.
I want to make pin’s in homey and have the lock open when pin’s are put in on the keypad on the lock.

Hi @Roffe85,

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Just searched quick for other Nimly topics, but didn’t found much. So I guess there are not many users using Nimly locks which are able to help you.
And I don’t think any other user can help or point in the right direction if they don’t have a Nimly lock themselves.
Perhaps it would be helpful for other users to post your flows and provide further information, e.g. whether the PIN is only saved via a flow or which general settings can be made.
Or contact the developer of the app. In most cases, contact options can be found in the app store at the bottom of the webpage.

In this example you will send a Pincode “1234” with ID "40 when the flow starts. Now you can open the lock with pin “1234” on keypad. To delete the pin from the lock, just use the delete pin card and enter “40” . You can use ID from 3 and up to 50.


Is there anyone with a Nimly lock who has been able to adjust the automatic lock time? (Either as a one-off action or temporarily via a flow?)
I have a touch pro. I want the lock to automatically unlock when I arrive home (this flow works) but the problem is that the automatic lock is set by default to 7 seconds, so by the time I get to the door it has locked again!

After door unlocks, set: ->> auto relock off, -->> 2 min delay, -->> auto relock on, -->> lock ??
or edit your flow: auto relock off, unlock, 2 min delay, auto relock on, lock

Great suggestion - thanks!
I just tested it, and for some reason it locks and unlocks several times (actually, 14 times!) over the course of almost 2 minutes, but not exactly 2 minutes which is the period of delay I added.

I’ll keep experimenting when I have more time, although I don’t really understand why I’m seeing this…

i belive my second suggestion should work… Nimly sometimes acts up, so just try take out one battery, and then reinsert it… then try the flow…