Automatically set state of keypad?

I bought the Frient intelligent keypad to use with a smart lock. Picking from the available cards my flow is very simple in homey:

Frient keypad Disarm – Smart lock unlock

The keypad is disarmed with a pin and then you have to press the padlock unlock button for the flow to complete executing and unlock the smart lock.

The issue is that the keypad seems to remember the last state it was used in. Therefore when you come to unlock the smart lock again, you have to manually set the keypad back to the Arm state, by entering your pincode and pressing the padlock lock button. Only then can you execute the unlock flow, by entering your pin and pressing the padlock unlock button.

This is a big inconvenience as the door does not get locked with the keypad (it simply gets locked by mechanical means by the user). Therefore the user must perform 2 actions every time they want to unlock the door:

  1. Arm keypad with pin code
  2. Disarm keypad with pin code
  3. Smart lock unlocks

This is very confusing for visitors to my property

A solution I would like is for the keypad to automatically arm X amount of seconds after the smart lock has unlocked. Are there any workarounds for this in homey? I think the issue is that it requires a pin to arm and I can’t see any way that this could be automated?

I read your question and I became interested in the possibilities of this combinantion. So I read some things on the website of Frient (Intelligent Keypad works with Homey) and seen the flows for this app and I only can come to the conclusion that you cannot use Homey as ‘compatible hub’ between the keypad and your door. The possible flows within Homey are only meant for things like to turn on your lights.

But I am no expert :slight_smile:

Edit: and after some more reading: you cannot change the state of the alarm from Homey. Only on the keypad itself.

Edit 2: also look at [APP][Pro&Cloud] Frient Zigbee App (v2.3.1) - #54 by Marc_Geer

Edit 3: possible future update: [APP][Pro&Cloud] Frient Zigbee App (v2.3.1) - #188 by frient

Thanks for the info. Thats a big shame. It seems they promised an update more than a year ago, but its still not here. As it stands the keypad is useless to me, its just too confusing for my visitors to use.

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