Nilan air ventilation integration (via fibaro)

Hi, i have Nilan air ventilation unit. It is not smart, but i think it should be integrated to Homey…I just need simple on/off function…It is possible via any fibaro unit??..Thanks in advance

How is it controlled now?

Nilan CT602 control panel via RJ45 connector. Its for Nilan VPL15 unit.

You should download the technical manual and read:
Electrical connections accessories User programe 1 User programe 1 is connected via the 8-pin plug mounted on top of the unit. The user programe functions are used to override normal operation. The input signal must come from a potential-free switch. When closed, the function is activated with the settings selected in the control panel under Service / User selection 1. Some examples of the situations in which the user programe functions are used: Cooker hood Fireplace/wood burning stove Extended operation If you choose to run the cooker hood over the ventilation unit, the cooker hood sends a potential-free signal to the ventilation unit when it is switched on. When this happens, the ventilation unit increases the air volume to the set level, so that enough air is extracted through the hood. Normally, the ventilation is balanced with a small negative pressure in the home, so that no moisture is forced into the building’s construction. It is a disadvantage if you light up your fireplace / wood stove, as the smoke will then enter the home instead of out of the chimney. When you switch on the fireplace/burning stove, you can activate the user function with a potential-free switch, which ensures that there is an overpressure in the home, so that the smoke smokes out of the chimney as it should. If the ventilation unit is used in an office or school where the ventilation is reduced outside the opening hours, it may be necessary to turn it up briefly if, for example when a meeting is held in the evening. There you can then have a switch that is activated and the ventilation is increased e.g. for an hour before it then goes back into operation.

I found some information, that connection via MCO thermostat should be the easiest way?? Any experiences?

Nilan Gateway LAN or Wifi is on the market available.Any development from Homey?? Any app?
Thanks for reply

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Found any other solution or developer, who could take on the task?

For older version GitHub - jascdk/Nilan_Homeassistant: Use your Home Assistant to control and read values from your Nilan air vent system

I have it continues to controlled via HA, just got a homey pro