Fibaro: Turn off associated devices in case of smoke

Hi guys.
I would like to automatically turn off wall switches and turn on light in case of smoke detection of Fibaro smoke detector (device id 21).
How can I associate Aeotec switch 5 (device id 31), Fibaro wall switch (device id 34), Fibaro dimmer 2 (device id 36) and Neo coolcam wall switch (device id 19)?
My plan is: in case of smoke detection Fibaro smoke sensor, Fibaro wall switch turn off, Aeotec and Neo cool am wall switch turn off, Fibaro dimmer S1 turn on.

Any reason why you don’t wanna use a flow that does exactly that?

Security reasons. In case of fire, Homey may not working.

And then the Fibaro creates his own Zwave network to notify the other devices?

Then Fibaro send a notification to other devices.

Anyway, if you wish to do a direct association then that has nothing to do with Homey. You should find the required info in the device manual.

You can set the associations in the advance settings of you Fibaro SD.

By entering the Node-ID in the corresponding Association Group. (Group 2)

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Thanks. But I’m not sure how to set “basic command class”? How can I set “basic off” parameter?

Take a look on parameter 10,11 and 12. (Fibaro Smoke Detector)

Where in homey I need to set a parameter?

I hope i set it correct. When smoke alarm on, send to all associated devices in group 2, command “off”. Right?