Detection of ventilation system above stove?


Does anyone have an idea which (easy) device I could use in the kitchen to detect when I turn on the ventilation system above the stove?

I think that could create some great flows for when I start cooking, I’ve searched but I can’t seem to find an easy device that would enable this (if it exists)!

Well, if it is possible to put a smartplug in between then you could simply detect the increase of power usage

  1. Most ventilation systems also turn on a light when they switch on. You could use that?
  2. Is the ventilator connectected via a normal plug (probably hidden behind a closit) then plug in a power measuring smart switch.
  3. outside the is probaly a small door that closes when the ventilator is not blowing, put a doorsensor on it…
  4. the fans normally make a lot of noise, put in a sensor that measures the noise level

Thanks! All very helpful answers!

I did smart ventilation out of the regular one. I used 2 fibaro double relays to control it (3 fan levels and one light). You can control it with original buttons, with remote or with app.
Above the stove, under ventilation, there is Aqara temperature and humidity meter. As soon as there is increased humidity or temperature level, exhaust will starts automatically. It works in most of the cases.

It would be great if you could give more details about this Igy. Seems like a cool project.

Not much to share. You just add smart relays to buttons (if possible) or replace buttons with them and you are ready to go. You can use fibaro relays, or shelly 1 relay.