Niko Zigbee switches loosing connection all the time

I have bought a few Niko zigbee wall switches (2 and 4 gang), but keep having issues. Connecting them works flawless, but after a while (sometimes an hour, sometimes a day, sometimes longer) only the first button of the switch still works, but the other buttons don’t, I tried to repair but then it says it is not the same switch, so I have to delete it, repair it and repair all the flows again, it is becoming so annoying that I am thinking of taking them all out again (I had FOH switches which worked great but I wanted to take out the Hue bridge completely, so I replaced them with the NIKO switches). I got answer from Niko that they heard of this issue before and only happens with the Homey 2023, anyone else has this issue? (Or knows how to solve it??)

Although the switches probably are router not end devices (unless they’re ‘no neutral’ versions):

Still weird that the first button keeps working, i would imagine if it would loose connection, it would loose connection completely, and not just 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th buttons.
But let’s hope the update will solve the issue…

Ah, you’re right, my bad.

It can be an app issue, while the generic zigbee driver supports one switch each device, that part seems to work.
So, I’m afraid we can only report back to Niko, and say: only Niko has problems on Homey.