Nexa dimmer support

I am new to Athom Homey, and in the startup part of using it.
Bumped into a problem on the first day when I couldn’t add my built-in dimmers for all my roof- and window lights. I’m using a Z-wave unit from Nexa, ZV-9101.
How do I make this work?

Yep!! Robbsmart did the job. Awesome!

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I downloaded the Robbsmart app but I do not get it to work with the Nexa ZV-9101. After a while It says that device is not found. I try again but then when I try to connect it says that it is already connected.
I also tried with homey´s own Z wave function but is does not work there either.
Any tips or tricks to make it work?
The dimmer works fine with the normal light switch. I have tried to reset the Nexa several times.

I am not sure… the adding process seems to be working some days, and other days not so much. Have tried to move the Homey closer with some improvement, but don’t know if it’s just a coincidence when it suddenly works…


Den ons 4 sep. 2019 14:42Martin Jansson via Homey Community Forum skrev:

Did you get the Nexa ZV-9101 working? Adding it as a Robbsmart device did not work.

Did not get it to work. Had to change to another dimmer but then lost the functionality to switch on and of on the light button!

Not so fun

Pls let me know if you get it working


Got my dimmers running. It turned out that homey had to be like 10 cm away. Although I managed to pair them with another controller before at much longer distances. Guess it has with Homey’s poor z-wave range . Seen that many people add an external antenna. I have ordered an antenna and cabling to be installed when it arrives.

This is how i added the Nexa.

  1. Reset the dimmer by holding reset extra long until the connected light switched state twice (on to off) or (off to on) like 20 seconds.

  2. Go in in developer mode, go to z-wave section. Press remove any node

  3. Trippelpress the resetbutton.

  4. Repeat 1.

  5. Install RobbSmart app to Homey.

  6. Add Robbsmart z-wave 3-wire dimmer.

  7. Trippelpress reset when prompted. To get one gren checkbox

  8. Repeat 1.

  9. Trippelpress reset.

  10. Hopfully it will now be added as long homey is like 10-15 cm away.

Notes: The second dimmer i added was added not Secure according to Homey. If it just were a bug Idon´t know beacaus when i tried a second time but with homeys generic z-wave then it added as secure with a robbsmart icon in the app.

Still having som problem controlling the dimmers directly from homey, but if the signal jumps via a wallsocket it works very well.

Will void my waranty on my 3-day old Homey and install the external antenna mod. Just to se if it improves the Homeys z-wave.