New zwave LR


Is Homey expect to integrate the new zwave LR compatibility (700) ?

If yes, would it be necessary to buy a new Homey box ? or just an additional dongle ? or it will be possible to rétrofit an actual Homey box ?


Z-wave 700 is fully backwards compatible with z-wave 500 that Homey’s chip is based on, there are pretty much no big benefits to upgrade the chip for a controller, 700 series is more focused on battery devices and their battery life.

But if they would upgrade, it would require an entire new Homey, as the available chips are not the same as the current chip.

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Thanks, that’s what I thougth.
For me the advantage is the long range signal (1,6 km ?), In that case I would have no more problem with my devices in the garden…

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