Adding an older z-wave device to homey Bridge

I recently installed the new Homey Bridge. Setup was fine. All the connections seem to be working. But when I went to begin adding devices I keep getting the same message, cannot find device. This occurred on both a GE outdoor switch as well as a Leviton indoor switch. In looking at other posts I saw a graphic that Homey supports z-wave plus. I suspect my devices may be older z-wave technology. Could this be why they are not being found? Does the Bridge support the older z-wave technology?

It should be downwards compatible, but dit you include the devices very close to the bridge, for many devices this is very important, also a factory reset can sometimes be helpfull.

That procedure did work. The switch is now installed. But I also clicked on the Homey bridge icon which brought up a z-wave button(along with a few others) which I clicked on. Is this manual procedure listed somewhere I missed? I hope that the close proximity will not have to be the procedure for all switches. The ones located in walls and ceilings will be difficult to bring very close to the bridge. Thank you.

Think out of the box… Bring the bridge to your devices :grin:
With the use of an extension cord connected to the bridge, or a power bank, you can pair all of your devices nearby.