New to Homey, some questions - Apps admin/repair

Have previously used Hubitat C8, Home Assistant and others, and looking to move to Homey.

(I don’t have any Homey hardware yet, but looking to get the latest Pro).

I have some queries in relation to the Apps (i.e. integrations). I’ve been using Hue, Sonos, Shelly, TP-Link Kasa so far).

  • Once an integration has been configured (i.e. login/auth. to the cloud service) there doesn’t seem to be a way to update/change the credentials used). Surely you don’t need to delete and start again?
  • Re. Hue I have an issue with all the devices (saying “Device Unavailable…”). I picked one of the devices and used the Repair option and that prompted a login to Hue then it worked. However the rest don’t. Surely I don’t need to repeat the same for all Hue devices?
  • If I look at the Apps (on the web i/f) and then Hue, there’s no way to change anything at the integration level, i.e. the credentials or a integration wide repair for all devices?


I’ll likely post a few more question but will do that in separate posts for clarity.