New Marvin Homey 3D model, free download!

Found it thanks

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This is my 2nd one I printed, this new model is much more refined than the previous one I printed.


OMG!!! That looks so awesome!!! Love it!!!

Doe je ook er 1 maken als ik je ervoor betaal natuurlijk ik heb geen printer maar ik vindt het zo gaaf dat ik het ook graag in de kast heb staan
Groet erik

Nee sorry, om em te printen ben ik zo een paar dagen (doorlooptijd) bezig namelijk. Niet getreurd er zijn genoeg commerciële aanbieders die em voor je kunnen printen.

Commercial parties are an option of course but are extremely expensive, at least the ones i’ve found. Do you have any other?

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Are the files in the thingiverse link mentioned in the original post, the files you used in your second print? I’m planning on printing this soon, do want to use the best model available :slight_smile:

Hi, just search Thingiverse for ‘marvin homey’, select the one from Satoer (Homey Marvin from Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy) and you’ll have the one I printed (my second one). Read print instructions for this model… check that the ‘seem’ is always at the back of the part you print.


So sweet :heart_eyes: Just awesome :clap:


Where did you print this? Or do you own a 3D printer yourself?

Hi Martijn,

I have tried several commercial 3d printing companies, but the prices were from 290 to 650 euro.
A friend of mine printed it out for me at work for free.

ye… that’s my experience too… Your friend, can he do it for a couple of beers? :wink: #daretoask


WOW what a great idea!!! I really like it! :star_struck:

Haha love it!

Haha, not if houndred of Homey enthusiasts are asking for :grin:

No worries, my homey has been retired. It’s now collecting dust. Although I really love Marvin, I won’t be spending beers or money on it​:ok_hand::+1:

Well… it does make a nice pedestal for the old one :rofl:


Thanks for the design work! This was a nice test for our new printer at the office (Bambu Labs Carbon X1) and it came out beautifully!