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New Marvin Homey 3D model, free download!

I really liked the idea of those Homey *Marvin’s out here. Just could not find a decent model. Even some were really low poly. Especially for something to display I wanted a neat model. So I decided to design and 3d model one myself.

*(Depressed robot from the movie “The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” in case you don’t know what this is about)

You can route the power cable trough the body. I’ve added a cable route for the left or right feet (Print the one you need).

You can move the ball joints in the arms (not the elbow), try to find the best bold tension to move the arms freely but tight enough that it won’t move when stationary

The top is removeable

I also provided a collar for a homey with feet, and a version without feet.

I didn’t like the feet, so I removed them (They are glued, hold it with a wrench, and hit the wrench with a light tab of a hammer). I filled the hole with polyester filler. After that I spray painted it with pearlescent white spray paint. But if you want to keep your Homey “unharmed”, use the collar with the cut-outs

Printed everything with 0,1mm layer height with PET-G filament. Only the UpperArm needs support (I could not find a way to print without support). I printed everything else without support in the orientation of the STL model. You might want to add an attached Skirt/Brim to the feet (print upside-down).

Some overhangs are quite steep like the collar. But they came out great without support if you print a fine resolution (0,1 mm layer height) and use inside perimeter first. (Or inside out).

Try to print every part separate to overcome ugly travel blobs.
Sanded it with 80,120,200 and 1000 grid.

Used Tamya Surface Primer L White SP RS 180ml to prime
Used Tamya TS-45 Pearl white gloss 100ml for white parts
Used Tamya TS-82 Rubber Black mat 100ml for black parts

The original Homey power cable does not fit. You need a cable without a ferrite core, and a small USB mini plug. A flat cable is also preferable. You might want to route the cable trough the feet before assembling it (it’s a quite tight corner)
This cable fit’s perfectly:

You need:

  • 2 x M4 x L8mm
  • 6 x M4 x L12mm
  • 2 x M4 x L16mm
  • 8 x M4 x L20mm

You might need to post-drill the trough holes with 4mm… But make sure you don’t drill the parts where you need to screw in! (Like the feet, upper arm and upper body)
Or… just superglue it together.

It was a lot of work to design it, so please share a photo if you print one :slight_smile:
You can download the models for non-commercial use over here:


Love this!


Looks great! :smiley:

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This is awesome. To bad I don’t have a 3D printer.

Nice, perhaps athom can provide this as a gadget in their shop


Oceanz , they have a printing service.

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Okej dude this design is awesome, if not for the wifey i’d be printing this model today

This is awesome!
Now I want a speaker in every door that sighs every time it is opened.

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This is amazing! Great work!

Great!!! My compliments :+1:t2:

Making it black with glow in the dark


Ohhh definitely show us the result! (in the dark)

Quick tip: This cable fits excellent:



Great idea really loved it. Can someone share the links to the 3D models? Would like to give it a try.

Did u just watched the pics then?


Wow, this looks just awesome guys!! Very, very nice!! Just love It!!


Not sure what you mean don’t see the links.

73 others did!