Release a 3D model file of the new Homey Pro

First: Thank you for the release!

There will be some time before we get our pre-ordered new Homey Pro´s that was launched today (12th oct).

So, why not release a 3D model file (.OBJ? .STEP?) of the “outer shell” of the new Homey Pro.
This so that modellers (better than me) will be able to design 3D-print holders for it! Why not a “B2EMO”-shell for it… or maybe another classic with that shape - a “V.I.N.CENT”. :wink:

Then it can be printed and ready/prepped for when it finally arrives! :smiley:

Just a thought!



You can probably create a cylinder within 3 clicks in any 3D application. :laughing:

I ordered the new Homey “Roomba” Pro… but what should I make from it this time. I loved the Marvin Orb.

:sweat_smile: Yep, even I might be able to make a cylinder kind of model. But since I (as you) loved the Marvin orb - I would love to have it in something more advanced than on top of a cylinder. Sure one could slice away a part of R2-D2:s body for it as well - but I would prefer the LED-ring to work as a models eyes as the Marwin orb. :smiley:

What form/figure would you think the new Pro would look awesome to be a part of as a 3D-print?