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Because it’s my wife’s birthday i like to give away a present to someone out there.
The present is a mini Marvin body, can be attached to a Fibaro or Neo Coolcam motion sensor. Like this one here:

It’s 3D printed so it’s not gonna be perfect but a very nice gadget to have!
To prevent damage when sending it, it is gonna be a kit. U need to glue the arms and the bracket for the motion sensor urself. Bracket for motion sensor not included!

So, here’s the deal:
All u need to do is like this post, guess what the weight in grams (just whole grams) is of the big Marvin body (including Homey itself like on the next pic) on my scale and tell me in a reaction why u wanna win this wicked gadget.

Am gonna pick the winner by next friday (10-23-2020). Winner is the one who has the exact number correct. If no one has the correct number, the closest number will win. So there is gonna be a winner! When there is more peeps with the correct answer i pick the one with earlier comment. The Pic with correct answer is taken and will be shown in this topic after winner is known.


The price is gonna be the mini body!
This competition stops at 10-23-2020 at 1700 hours.
Winner is gonna be announced here with forum name.
Ships all over the world without Track and Trace.
No warranty on the shipped product. If u don’t like it, just ship it to someone else.
When u win u need to send me ur address details in a PM.
There is no fee, just follow the rules above. When not all 3 rules are followed u don’t compete!

Game on!


895 g
My name is already bad. None of my homeys are in their original condition. I drill into Homey, install antennas or put Homey in other housings.
Greetings from Undertaker

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120 gram

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C’mon guys, just 4 days to go!


A little more participation please!
It can’t be that Marco or I are already certain as the winner.
It’s not fun like that.

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hmzzz knowing rocos homey must be a heavy weight with the amount of apps he has installed, so i go for 612 grams

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361 grams

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465 gramms

  1. liked :slight_smile:

  2. 467 gram :slightly_smiling_face:

  3. I like to win the little Marvin because it would be the little brother of my big
    marvin :slight_smile:

And happy birthday to your wife @Rocodamelshekima

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508 g

If I win the little Marvin, my wife would finally be more interested in SmartHome. :+1:t4:

May I plz remind u guys^^
It would be a shame that it is 120 grams and u won’t win it because u did not follow all 3 rules!

I think it is 538. That is the magic number of a famous radio station in the Netherlands. Don’t ask me why, but I love it.

  1. :sparkling_heart:
  2. 944 gr.
  3. Because my wife hates Domotica
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Very nice Marcel!
This is a nice example @SvenRhein, @Richard_Vermeulen and @Shadow !

  1. Like done :slight_smile:
  2. 720 gr.
  3. Just because it is also a (nice) gadget!
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  1. Liked your post: :heart: :heavy_check_mark:
  2. Guessed the weight: 421 g :heavy_check_mark:
  3. Told you why: 'cause it’s so cute :heavy_check_mark:
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980g me guess.
It would match just perfect with my new white Sonos Arc.

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Just 2 days to go!

This competition will close today at 1700 hours Dutch time. So approx 10 hours left to take a guess!

My guess: 680 g

I would like to present Homey in my Youtube video with this “holder”.

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