New Homey Early 2020?

Hello, for some time now I have been very interested in Homey. Since we have recently moved into our new house, it is now time to buy Homey.
But I am thinking about a new version soon. The current name “Early 2019” makes me think that maybe a new version will be released soon…
What do you think?

We miss the “Early 2017” and the “Early 2018” for that me guess.

I guess it was just when the first production batches where sold and due to availability of electronic components some non functional changes where necessary.
Once they decided to remove the mic and nfc ( imho as they found it didn’t meet their expectations)

So if you want newer components, not necessary better or faster. Of less functionality …
But despite booming sales that could also result in next model being late 2020 or around mid 2021 if you ask me… anything is possible!

Yeah, really miss the rj-45 too (WiFi). Airwaves will never replace the good old cable!

But I guess there will never be a Homey PoE model.
Btw in the early 0.x releases of firmware Homey could not boot correct with an USB Ethernet adapter connected, when I tried Athom could tell me from the logs it was the issue .
But pls ask Athom in their feature request form.