New functionality coming?

Athom has put this teaser online in it’s Facebook and Instagram stories…

Anyone know what Athom is referring to?
New functionality coming perhaps?

Although new functionality would seem strange, now that they haven’t released a final version of Homey v5.
Although this hardly would be a teaser for v5 I’m afraid…

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We all know what SOON is in Homey language, don’t we?


“a homey webapp”

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Homey webapp, you can read it on the keyboard.


Ah, very good! Didn’t zoom in at the screenshot. Couldn’t on the story… Thx!

So like the Homey Flows but with the full functionality of the iOS/Android app?
Nice but we probably are all waiting more for a decent dashboard… Hopefully that is the next step!

But why is there a trademark logo next to “soon”? Hmmm…

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that has been an inside joke ever since Athom started using the word “soon” for everything several years ago, but soon could be anything from 1 hour to 7 months.


Ah, thx!

thats by far the last thing i need :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Who needs that anyway when we have such a cool thing as ?


Sarcasm, great… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hmmm. Isn’t that something like the thingy they dropped when they introduced V2? :thinking:


Lets wait and see…

A webapp would mean something different than the flow editor to which you (I assume) refer? A webapp would mean full control I think…

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Yea please! Dashboard! With Spotify and Sonos integration!!!

Die was er al pre v2… :stuck_out_tongue:

That already existed before v2… :stuck_out_tongue:

Kept a lot of peeps (including myself) away from upgrading at first…
But in the end, most got used to using mobile only.

I myself miss(ed) the PC/Web interface because i am behind my laptop far more then on my phone. Specially when creating flows, that was far more easy via the web interface.
The current flow web interface combined with the style adjustment eased the pain…:stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmmz iam sorry, i was responding on a dutch tekst so …you know. Translate it to englisch…but really need to flag it there for?

What i personal would expect about the app, that it has more options to make it your own… that is possible to customize it. At the moment its very basic and not what you would expect these days.

At the other side, iam not really care about it. The only reasson i use the app is for making flows and if needed to debug when something is not doing what i expect. For the rest…well i bought the white little basterd to automate my home, not to control my home by using a phone.

Ofcourse credits to athom, (if the anoucment is what whe thinking) that they listen to a group wich want the web app back.