New fibaro - fried?

I have a new fibaro device roller shutter 3 connected. It is not working properly and i would like to do a facrory reset.

Since the device is somwhat hard to reach, is it ok to remoce the device connect it only to power without the motor connected and do a facrory reset. Or does it need to be connected to motor while doing so?
Im not sure if the device will smoke if it is connected to mains without motor connected.


You can do a factory reset without the motor is connected.

Thanks. So also inclusion can be done without motor connected?

Self tried or what do you base information on?

Yes, I always include switches and blinds modules just connected to L, N and PE. So without electrical consumer (bulbs, motor).
I’ve made a cable so that I can include the modules in direct range of Homey. After inclusion, I install the modules at the place of use.

Perfect. Thanks a lot.

tor. 22. sep. 2022, 11:27 skrev Dirk G. via Homey Community Forum <>: