New app, bad app-image


I made an quite specialized app that converts an special xml-string to a json-string that homey logic can read.
I only know of me and one other users how benefits from this app, but maybe theres more people out there.
Ive solved my problem before my new app with an external webserver and a php-app.
The other known person have solved it via home assistant.

Problem is my app doesnt get published is

I understand that Athom wants nice pictures, but I am not an graphical designer.

The picture i send was from the companys webpage and that is not a happy place.

Anyone have any suggestion how i could solve this?
The app works very well installed from developer tolls, so personally im good, and for what I know theres only 1 other potential user.

On GitHub you can have your icons created by an Athom employee according to their requirements:

Its not the icon that they dont like, its the image that you see in the app-store.

Ahh, okay, then I misunderstood you.
Acc. the image for the App Store I can’t help you, sorry.

Could you post the image so we can have a look, then we might be able to suggest improvements.

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I did a new try with an other image, if that fails i will post the pictures here

Maybe you can try to create an image with DALL-E 3?

Works with English words only

that what was what i did, but with another service.

For one of my apps I used a photo from a stock photo website (that allows photos to be used for these kinds of situations). It’s not a very relevant photo for my app, but it looks pretty and that’s what Homey is all about (style over substance :wink:).

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Its approved.
The stupid ai-generated picture made the cut.

Thanks for your input everyone.

Here it is, you will probably never needed it.


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