Netatmo Welcome camera works with IFTTT not with Homey

Somehow Homey does not trigger on Netatmo Welcome camera presence detector of known persons.

I tried deleting and adding the app and device but still not functional. Unfortunately when I used IFTTT for the exact same app I programmed in Homey (When someone known is seen, say “Hello {{name}}”), it works without a glitch.

Did someone managed to start a flow triggered by Netatmo Welcome known persons detector?

Same issue here, it does trigger on movement, but not on known person. Netatmo gives a report though that a known person had been seen.

Can`t make the known person card work, supposed to use logic in if, with cards “who” or “image”? I get the who, but i will not pass through the test. Thanks for help.

I put some Aqara vibration sensors in our pillows to register sleep, and I want to use Netatmo Welcome facial recognition for awake, but like I said above…

I have the same problem. I can’t fill in the who tag. It did work befire. Seems that the last update changed something (or I did so.ething wrong, I’m not an expert)