NetAtmo Wecome - Known Face detected - Trigger does not work (App v4.1.2)

good morning I created a flow with netatmo wellcom, but it doesn’t work.
in practice, upon detecting a known face, it must turn on the hue led strips, but it does not work
thank you!

So does the welcome not work, or does the light strip not working? a good start would be to share the flow and as much information you can give :+1:

light strip not working
in the netatmo app, detection is successful

The strip is broke, or you mean it just wont work with the flow. Does it work when using the test button.

I know there was a few days ago a update of the app, for the welcome camera.

the strip does not work with the flow,
with the test button it works correctly
the ios and homey apps are updated

I add a notification on the phone and try the flow

not even the notification arrives
the netatmo app recognized me correctly

I changed the flow with an unknown face, I read a photo with an unknown face and the flow worked
for known faces do I have to set something in the tags?
where do you set the tags?

I see the same issue and reported it to support. Waiting for a reply.

Ok thanks!

Any news here?

no news, the assistance leaves much to be desired

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Still no news on this? For me it doesn’t work either.

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I got a reply from support on this issue. He asked me to set the known faces to always record in de netatmo app.
After testing, this appears to work.

Hopefully they can now further investigate, because it is not desirable to always record of course.