Netatmo presence ‘person detection’ doesn’t start flow

I have a netatmo presence camera. When trying to start a flow when it detects a person, it doesn’t work. This seems strange, as I’m well notified by the Netatmo app.
Can someone help setting-up a flow using this detection ?

Probably not very helpful but are you trying to detect motion or a person (by its name)? Does Homey have access to the recognised face? Or is it seeing unidentified person? I’m just guessing. I don’t have a Netatmo Presence.

if you share your flow, some one can check where it can go wrong. Good flows always work!

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my flow is very simple, I just use the human detection event to then create a notification.

Maybe a little late, but i got it work.
It only works if there is a video.
The standard is that netatmo is taking 1 video of a known person for the first time he’s coming home or seen for a set time in the app of netatmo.
If there is a video in the app of netatmo it should work and send to the homey. Otherwise there is a notification without a video, and will not send to the homey.

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Is snapshot supported so it can be used with face++?

I don’t use face++, netatmo have already by himself a face recognition.

Netatmo Presence dont have face reg.
Only detection ie. is it human/car/animal ?

You’re right. I mixed up netatmo presence and welcome. I’ve used the netatmo welcome.