Netatmo on Homey 2.0 - please re-authorize

I know what it means but, anyone an idea where to re-authorize the Netatmo app ?
lots of messages today, right top of the forum is a magnifying glass :wink:

Indeed, I did use that.
I searched for “please re-authorize”, the exact error-message in the App.
Nothing appears.
So if you know where exactly to find the answer, don’t hesitate to share.

But that would be the perfect place to ask such questions as there’s the info for Netatmo put together. Apparantly everybody has to re-authorize (don’t know, don’t have that myself):

Deleting the devices implies that you have to reconstruct all the flows that rely on a netatmo device. Correct?
In the old webbrowser app, the flow card appeared with an icon resembling a broken chain. Is that what will happen? I have a lot of flows with a netatmo device in it.

Well, I’m no app developer, but what I know of api’s that use this kind of authentication, they can be picky. So when you change from firmware 1.5 to 2.0, maybe homey will not be recognized as the previously authorized device anymore by the netatmo server.

For the devices, I’m not sure if Flows keep placeholders you can simply reconnect to a changed device. I would suppose not, since they use device id’s instead of device names. So maybe you need to put in the hard work. Maybe ask a developer about this.