Net Energy usage

Hi, I use Youless/Enelogic to measure my smart meter and Solaredge via the solar app to see my solar production. How can I combine these two to see my real energy usage?
Now I see eg 500W, but if the PV panels produce 1000W, my real usage is 1500…
Any solution for this?

If the solaredge app reports the produced power as ‘solar panel’ to Homey, the energy tab shows exactly what you need.

In this example my in-house use is 2,87kw

Tnx! Indeed I use the solar app with API to Solaredge. Will check tomorrow when I have PV production.
I think I can remove the S0 as I will get double PV values

Checked again today during daytime. Unfortunately my app ‘Solar panels’ does not report the production as ‘solar panels’ in the Homey energy section. My Solaredge is reporting into this app with an API
Has anyone been able to do so?
@Gruijter, looks like you are using another way to get the PV’s in as producer of electricity?

Remove solar panels (zonnepanelen) app and install the beta.
I had the same problem.

Yes, I use plugwise circles.
But you said you also connected your panels to the youless ls120 S0 port? I made the S0 driver compatible with solar panels just for your case! Check the S0 device settings, and select ‘solar’ :sun_with_face:

@Ria_Banis. Yes, that works!
@Gruijter, tried that as well, but S0 stays on value 0.
For now I have what I need :wink:

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Sinds de laatste update werkt bovenstaande niet meer :cry::cry:

That’s a pity… I managed to get my S0 working, which is much more accurate than the API with Solaredge which updates only every 10-15 minutes.

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@Diederik any chance this is comingback?

What is not working, exactly? Which version are you using?

@Ria_Banis can you answer this? I did put time in trying it yet since it was reported not to be working pretty recentLy…

It is working for me again, I did not look for a long time, all this energy features I find useless.
I am glad the SolarEdge app works fine because I use this in my flows for my sunscreens. So the solar panel app is much appreciated. Thanks for all you work.

@Ria_Banis I do not see a specific solaredge app.
Do you mean the solarpanels app?