Nest cam support

Is there any news on Nestcam support on homey?

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IP cam support is still on their TO-Do list.

yes would be great to use Nest IQ Camera in a flow

thanks xoops

Please be aware that only when the cam detects a person, movement or a sound you would be able to trigger an action.

It is not possible to view the camerafeed from Nest cams.

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yes, but that better then nothing :slight_smile:

There is no nest cam support in homey? To trigger a flow when an person is detected??? Stringyfy does support a flow for nest cam person detection so the API should support that. Any idea?

I have been waiting for almost 1,5 years for them to integrate Nest IP Cam’s. Especially bought Nest cams, since I figured they would be the first to be supported. It would be a great help if the support is integrated.

If video stream is not supported that is ok! but trigger on the different functions ike motion, sound or a person.
Stringify can do this so why can this not be done by homey? Unless stingigy has a sectret deal with Nest :slight_smile:

Certainly. The API supports it. There is, however no Nest Cam Homey app yet. It’s a matter of time, and it’s up to the community.

ahh ok would be nice if someone would pick that up… i have no coding skills unfrotunatly.

Well, fully open system with open api will be the easiest to get support. Nest is not one of those. Doorbird i.e. has fully open api, you actually can without an homey app for it make it trigger external listener. You literary copy get url to doorbird. Other way around, to get stream from it you just paste specially crafted url to Internet browser and voilà. Unfortunately Nest will never do this kind of support as it relies on the subscription.

Netatmo announced doorbell also which will most likely be fully open. Nonetheless, I just want to say when something is closed it will not pickup community like some open devices for sure.

Aside of this, I think Nest will get support on homey as soon it picks up popularity and some developer finds is interesting to do. You can make request on the official part of the forum for requests following form mentioned in the lower post.

Homey Community App Requests:

This is not really what you asked for, but at this moment the best there is with homey and ifttt

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Stringyfy can also trigger on “person” but I can only connect my hue lights in this app… I want to start a flow inside homey.

As a workaround for this; you could in stringify for example make a flow that reacts on a person and for instance turns1 hue lamp for a second blue( or whatever action as long homey can pick that up with a flow) and make a flow in homey that reacts on that. That way it should work.