NeoCoolCam Zwave Switches

I have replaced two 2-way switches with two NeoCoolCam Z-wave Light Switch EU-2 with two buttons each. The initial switches used to control the stairs lights. One switch was at the top and the second one was at the bottom of the stairs.

With the new setup, one Zwave switch is connected to the light and is working fine, while I am trying to use the second one as a remote control to the light. For this purpose, I have created a flow that is supposed to turn the light on when the button is pressed… but for some reason it is not working. Nothing happens to the exception that the backlight on the button changes colors…
This is a screenshot of the flow:

I have as well created a flow to keep the buttons synched: when I press the button on the Zwave Switch that is connected to the light, the one that is remote (not physically connected) is getting turned on…

I am not able to understand why is this happening.

I would like to mention that the problem is not with all the NeoCoolCam switches but with the Triple one: Z-wave Light Switch EU-3

In fact, The triple switch behaves in a very erratic manner. This is what I have noticed:

1- After adding it to Homey, I get three devices (which is normal). Triple, Middle and right.

2- If I press the left button (Triple) all works fine. However if I turn on or off the middle button or the right button, the left button (Triple) turns on or off. It is as if the other two buttons are controlling the Left button. This behaviour disappears if I remove the 1 Values under Group 1 and Group 2 under Association BUT this creates another problem; remote control stops working

3- Remote Control: I wanted to press a button in order to trigger flows (that is remote control another light/device). If the Associations that I stated above are in place, I can only do this by pressing the Left Button (Triple). Although the related flows are in place, the other two buttons would not work. They will surely turn on and off the light that is connected to them but it will not trigger any related flow. Note that these flow got tested manually and they are working.