Neo coolcam zwave 3ch switch

Hi everyone. I have a lot of neo coolcam switch devices and until now im very satisfied! But i detected a bug with the 3ch Switch…
The device is recognised but when you press on the center or right button in the homey application, the left button is also activated… I looked in the knowlegde base on the forum but doesn’t see a solution…
What I want to do… With 2 3CH switches I want to pilot 3 lamps in the kitchen. If the Left button is pushed, the other switch has to turn on also… Same thing for the other buttons. (A “va et vient” system in french) Is it a firmware bug??? Can I do it with the association parameters? I don’t know how to do it… In the developper app, there is only 1 node for three buttons… Can someone give me an example please?

The same here. I was very satisfied with the single and dual switches. When the 3-way switches came on the market, I immediately ordered and installed 15. Unfortunately, I only manage to use the left button as a pilot, I can only use the other directly, so that the added value for the 3-fold switch is lost. I am not a programmer and although the whole house is automated, rainwater pump (for the toilet), the blinds, lamps with timer and the house listens carefully to our commands, I am a beginner. Any help is welcome.

It’s a bug, that’s for shure! But I don’t know it’s a hardware problem or an application. I saw that Jeedom users also have problems with the 3CH switches… Anyway, I will try to contact the developper of the application. Thanks Roy

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Hello, I will try to contact de app developper. I will post the answer on the forum!!! But like you said, the single and dual switches are great!!! It’s a shame…

Yes, I’ve got it.!

Change the 4 groups.

  1. Leave empty
  2. 1
  3. 1.2
  4. 1.2

I have no explanation, but it works!

Let me know if it also works for you. Good luck.

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it wooooooorrrrks !!! WTF !!! How did you get this information ??? I was looking for associations but I don’t understand their manual… Really, bravoooooo, you’re the champion !!!
I’m trying to understand with you’re values but… pfffff. I hope somebody can explain a little bit further…
Thx a lot !!!

I’m still trying to understand the assosiaction parameters… It’s also working when all the fields are empty…
I have 2 3CH switches with node: 84 and 85. I want to create an association between the first button of node 84 and the first button of 85. But witch group and how to fill in the field corresponding field?

Same here. Did you figure it out?

no … but it works with the solution above …