Neo PIR v2 showing as basic device. Australia Dome Pir

I am trying to add a neo pir v2 for motion detection and light lux detection. However the device is just adding to homey as a basic zwave. So when I go in to the device, i only have the option to switch it on or off.

I bought this in Australia as a “Dome” pir sensor, not branded with neo, but it looks exactly the same.

I think the manufacturer id is not the same as the Neo app. Does anyone know how to resolve? Does the developer of the neo app have to update their code so that when it finds my device and the manufacturer id it recognises it as the same as a neo pir v2? Or can I change the manufacturer code on the device so that I can trick it into getting added as a neo pir v2?

I have out screenshots of the device from homey.

Would really appreciate some assistance and guidance! Thank you!

Looks the same indeed. My NEO PIR’s have manufacturer ID 600. Product type id is the same: 3. My firmware version is 3, subversion 88, your subversion is 98. Hardware version is the same: 66. So I agree with you that this is most likely the same device but with a different manufacturer ID. If the source of the neo app is available you could try and find out if it checks on the specific manufacturer id. (I guess I would expect it to do that check…). Good luck with that, if you are going to try!

You just need to add the Product Id alongside the already existing ones and install the app via CLI. Then it should work.

There are plenty of threads in the forum explaining how to.

If you have troubles, send me a PM and I shall try assist you.

Thanks for the pointer! I have downloaded the ZIP from Github and I have found the drivers file which says the manufacturer ID and product type ID.

I have then installed the app via the CLI and tried to add a device, however it is still added as a generic device. Can anyone see anything wrong with the drivers file pictured against my device advanced settings from the original post? Thanks!!

@MarcoRuiter you wouldn’t be able to assist would you? Sorry I am very new to this. Thanks so much.

I found the solution. It was to change the manufacturer and product Id in the app.json file, not the individual driver file pictured.