Need to pay again for advanced flow

Hi all,

I’ve got a replacement Homey Pro from Homey support and now I need to pay 25 euro again for the advanced flow. I thought this plugin was a 1 time purchase and account bound.

Do others have similair problem?

I think it is bound to the unit and not to the account.

Did you ask Athom support? Can’t imagine they won’t fix that for you.

@bayrambass Just contact athom and explain, they will give you a code to redeem your advanced flows again.

Thanks all! I have contacted Athom supported for the redeem code to switch from my old defect to new one. I will post a update when they have replied.

I have been waiting a few days on a respond from support. I already have send a second reminder but still no response. I opened a new support ticket just in case specifically for the advanced flow issue.

I hope to hear from the support team soon…

They responded on my ticket and got a voucher code. Can use Advanced Flow now. Thanks all for the help!

I guess they’re very busy at the moment.

Last time I did the request they answered in like 48 hours or so.

It is anoying but keep in mind they will resolve it and its kinda hectic for them now the homey2023 is getting ready for the first shipments.

Edit: i see they already solved your problem! Good luck and have fun!

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