Need some help with Tuya API that requires signature authentication

Hi all, not sure where to begin but I need some help from the community (you) :wink:

I recently bought myself a Tuya light (powered by a led smart controller) that I would like to control with some flow commands in Homey (e.g. power on/off, color, brightness)

The new light is not supported by the already exsiting “Tuya apps” but is able to be controlled by the Tuya API.
Sending a HTTP post command is what I have done before but Tuya requires authentication through a singnature. Please see Authentication Method-Tuya IoT Development Platform-Tuya Developer and Sign Requests-Tuya IoT Development Platform-Tuya Developer

I managed to get it working in a Postman environment (guide on but struggle now to understand how to replicate and build this with Homey.
I have no developer background, all knowledge that I have build so far is by try on error.
Acctually I am already proud that I got as far as I am today :wink:

My questions to you:

  1. is it possible to get the Tuya API’s working with Sign Requests in a flow?
  2. does the “Get access_token with simple mode” need to be build in a Homeyscript before the API is triggered?

Any guidance is welcome,
Thanks for making the time.


In the opening post is a howto to connect the Tuya Cloud app with the Tuya iot API

Thanks @Peter_Kawa I will have a look and give it a try :wink:

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I was able to add the light in the experimental version of the app. Switching on/off works and also setting the color. Setting dim level is not yet supported but for now the app is working. Thanks again!

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You’re welcome!
Two more tricks:


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Thanks, took me a while but am now able to set a color with a dim level. Thanks again for your guidance.

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