Nedis WiFi Smart plug and Nedis® SmartLife

Don’t have an Alexa device. Could someone explain how this works in combination with Homey and the Tuya devices? Can you use the device states in Homey flows (on/off/brightness/…)? Currently using Ifttt for my Nedis(tuya) lightbulbs but most of the time to slow in responding…

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I’m still curious why there is so little buzz and interest of these bulbs:[186]=Wi-Fi

I’d gladly support development of an app for these!


Have some lights would like an app for that :grinning:

I got some Nedis bulbs too…
Tried to install the Tuya app from Github but it only supports smart plug with the Tuya chip… Or did i miss something?

Edit: (that was the one i installed… But only smart plug/socket showed up)

Any updates?

Got no reaction to donate devices so I havent done anything on this

Jeroen, I have a Tuya power plug. Are you still willing to build an app for it? I do not get my home covered with klikaanklikuit or Zwave devices. So I would like to have a wifi switch solution tested with homey.

Just curious, you having a 10 bedroom house thats so big? that zwave not can be covered??

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Wow, that’s sad. Didn’t realize. I can send you a loaner bulb - send your adress in a private message and I’ll mail it to you asap! :upside_down_face:

please take a look here: [APP]TuyAPI / Neo Coolcam wall plug WIFI app

maybe this works with nedis devices

Tuya has a developer platform :
Perhaps that might help to develop? connecting your app to their Cloud services should give access to all registered devices.
This might also be an option :

Also I have a dimmable white light bulb as well as an rgb dimmable bulb to loan if you need any…

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Not really. But it has a copperplated roof and a lott of glass with some kind of reflection particles in it. So for my wifi coverage I need allready 5 unifi ap’s.
I tried Zwave, KlikaanKlikuit but nothing really works.
So wifi is my next try. But I would like homey to operate instead of opening up my home to the chinees.


Hi Jeroen,

I can help you out with some Nedis devices. Sent you a DM with more info :wink:


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Can you help me? Do you have any information on this problem?

Hi Bart,
I have a Nedis plug and Homey asks for key and ID. Have tried wireless parameters and mac, but Homey says key length is wrong. The IP is correct.
Pls help. /Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Jeroen and I didn’t get the Nedis devices working on a native supported way. What did you do to get Homey to ask for key and ID?


Hi Bart,

Hopefully I did it the right way as instructed from someone I have forgotten who it was J


Was this an answer to your Q, or did I get it wrong?

Found ID, I hope…

In this app


Go through the installation procedures and you will find this


Never mind the IP – it’s my external address from the ISP.

Finding the key is still in progress. Will let you know when and if it works. Pls do likewise.

I have later learned that you shall NOT set IP in Homey. Key and ID is enough. And name of course… That way it is supposed not to hook up to a certain IP address, which sometimes is a problem with Wi-Fi devises when the router wants to assign another address with DHCP. Makes fixed IP in router unnecessary.



Hi again,

I have followed these instructions

Took some days as described. Then I got a key, but that key wasn’t accepted by the Homey Tuya app. I’ll try more. If you do the same and succeed, please let me know your secret.



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Hi Thomas,

I also got a Tuyapi developer account but I cannot get it to work either. Can it be you need to use the Tuya app instead of the Nedis version? I mean to link the devices to the Tuya app?
Will try more when I have time, currently very busy with other priorities.

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Any new information how to add Nedis Wi-Fi Smart plug to Homey?