Make NEO Coolcam WIFI work via IFTTT

Hello All,

Last week I bought 8 NEO CoolCam WIFI Smart Plugs to program my Irrigation system to switch on the actuator on Solenoid valves and start the pump. I did a (much to) little check if the NEO CoolCam WIFI Smart Plugs were supported by Homey and I was convinced because I saw the Tuya app. Hence, after the arrival of the 8 NEO CoolCam WIFI Smart Plugs I started to connect them via Smart Home and this worked very well! But then I had to connect them directly to Homey and there the issues started.

There is indeed a Tuya App, but this works a little bit complicated. I tried to do the whole setup with Node.js and made a Tuya account, but there I got stuck and my situation is not the same as in the walk through. So I started with IFTTT, made an account for that as well and added the Smart Life as service to make some applets. Because I don’t know how this interface works, I think I can not add the correct applet or something. My question to the experts; is there some who has made a simple guide to install a NEO CoolCam WIFI Smart Plug? Or is there a short video on YouTube that I can follow?

Kind Regards, Dennis

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