Add Neo Coolcam Wi-Fi Water Sensor to Homey


I have multiple Neo Coolcam Wi-Fi Water Sensors, and i can check them by using the Smart Life app on my iPhone, i also have power plugs to turn a non-smart device on/off, this power plugs also on Wi-Fi.

I have the tuya app connected to Homey and can control the power plugs by using Homey, with flows etc. The question is, is it possible to control the Water Sensors to with Homey?

When i click on Add Device and then on Tuya Cloud? i get the option: cover, light, switch but not sensor (water), when i click on add device and then on Neo Coolcam ==> Water Sensor, the “app” search for a Z-Wave water sensor from Neo Coolcam, so not a ZigBee or Wi-Fi (i have a Wi-Fi model) device.

Is it possible to add the Wi-Fi Water Sensor to Homey or not?, when it’s not possible, can i use IFTTT to connect the sensor to Homey?

Adriaan Bredero

Reply can also in Dutch language :slight_smile: