Neato D7 support for Zone cleaning with no-go lines

I just sent an improvement request to Athom about the Neato app. In my mind this is really essential for making the app usable. Just wanted to share this with everyone so that people can chime in on the request.


This is a feature request for the Neato BotVac app. (or rather a suggestion to make it actually usable, ie a bug report)

I have had Neatos top of the line cleaner (D7 connected) for 2 years now, since it was new and now its actually commodity. No one buys the others as this is the only model with virtual no-go lines. It has functionality for Zone cleaning in the Neato app, which is basically the only way I use it. This includes using no-go lines as well as certain rooms or areas in the house.

Currently in the Homey-app, you only have two cards for starting cleaning in a flow:

  • Start cleaning (which just starts a full cleaning without any care taken to the surroundings)

  • Spot cleaning - which is only for cleaning a 3x3m area (wrongly called “Starta områdesstädning” in Swedish, which basically means start Zone cleaning) - < BUG

None of the above are actually useful to have in any flows, as the Zone cleaning is the only reasonable way of starting a cleaning with a well known state for the robot.

Please do consider this suggestions:

  1. Add the Zone cleaning as a flow card. Let the user specify the flows either with
    a. If you can read the different flows from Neato, so the user can select from a list
    b. Or at least, read the zone name from a variable, so that a user can configure the needed flow.

As I mentioned, currently the Neato app is a disgrace and not possible to use at all. This would make it usable and make peoples robots useful in their connected homes. As for my use case, since Homey can detect when my home alarm is armed, I would like to trigger certain zones to be cleaned when I leave home.

I am very sure that this addition would make many people happy.

Thank you!



The D5 also have it :wink:

And for the cleaning with the no go lines, neato says, that it wil only work when started within the neato app itself.
Maybe that changed over the past year didnt look to it after that.

Agree with you that the app is useless without cleaning with the no go lines.

So didnt connect the neato to homey.

From the neato website

Also just maked the same request, as i notice it works with GH so dont see any reasson why it wouldnt work with Homey

It does work with apple Shortcuts app, so I hope it can be done through api too

Wel i had no response back from athom

If it helps anyone, with Home Assistance it is possible to trigger zone cleaning.
So there is no restriction that you have to use the neato app to trigger it.
More info:

Anyone able to further troubleshoot with this info?

Did you resolve it?

I’m hoping for a resolution of this problem as well. I would like to be able to start it from Homey. But the only way I normally start the D7 is to specify which Zone it should clean.

It is possible to start zone cleaning, so it could be implemented. I agree without it the app is pretty useless. I have D5 and if it does not respect virtual boundaries (which it doesn’t the way it is now) the robot will eat up wires or go down rabbit holes.

But then they should also fix that the Homey app now often blocks the regular app from accessing the robot. I have no problems using both the iPad and Android app from Neato together, but when the Homey app is running, frequently the original apps lose access to the bot. I guess Homey is too agressive in querying the state. This made me deactivate the app and use IFTTT to control the bot if needed. But that too lacks zone- and virtual boundary support, so it is too limited.

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I asked this a long time ago, but never did get any response from athom.

The last app update is already more then a year ago.

Not suprissed because theire own apps are the worse in fixing bugs and adding new devices/features.

I have the same problem. would really like to create a flow with which I can start my vacuum cleaner with the floor plan.

does anyone have a solution for this already?

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I asked this a couple of years ago when it was still publicly available on GitHub. Got the standard answer: great idea we will look into it.

This is also where it ends.

Since then I haven’t been able to use the neato with Homey because of two reasons:

  • The app polls neato so often, that the regular app isn’t seeing Neato online anymore
  • Without no-go lines it’s useless.

I find it bad to see that it’s stated as supported, but it’s such a bare minimum. For me it’s useless, and I don’t have the illusion anymore that Athom sees priority in this…

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Hi, Athom is asking for someone that can takeover the dev. work and will be responsible for the app. The current developer is not reachable anymore.

Please let me know or Athom if you are willing to -or know someone that is willing to- be the new developer of this Neato App. Please refer to ticket number 31561.


I would love to, but unfortunately I don’t have the skills… Hope someone else does! Therefor a bump for this topic

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Then we make a topic to find a dev with a reward $$$


it will be great if the no-go lines would be added. that finally makes neato workable with homey.

Do you want to do so? Would be nice :slight_smile:

I have not bought yet the device. I’m exploring which one to buy. A homey integration is a must.
So I’m willing to pay but I’m not the one that need it today

Being the one that raised this, let me just say that I am deeply disappointed with how this has gone.

However, with my current knowledge of how Neato handles their customers with their next steps of software development, I want to share that my next robot will not be Neato. My D7 has given up with cryptic messages and a failing lidar, and my suspicion is their firmware upgrade that I did right before it started failing.

To add to that, they are launching their new platform, explicitly telling customers that the new app for D8-D10 will never support D7 and below. It’s an API change that they are currently just screwing customers over, the ones that are still buying D7 and below.

For this homey app, there is only one true owner to be had, and that’s Neato. But they don’t seem responsible enough for any ecosystem for them to pick it up.

My next robot will not be Neato.

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