Neato D7 support for Zone cleaning with no-go lines

Thanks for this info

Is your Neato older than two years? Otherwise it is still under guarantee and you get a new one. I had the same and it was no problem.

My experience with Neato support is also very positive. I had a robot topple over an edge of the stairs (2,5m straight down, while no go rubber present at the edge). Despite the fact that they explicitly say this can happen in the manual they replaced the robot with a new one without any hassle.

Yes, its 3 years so no warranty whatsoever. They pointed me to a service center where the fee for out of warranty repair was almost a new robot of a different and better brand.

Would be great to have Zone cleaning added to the App. Has anyone heard anything from Homey or perhaps been in contact with the developer of the app?


There is a test version of the app but doesn’t seem to be ready yet. Can’t find any email or way of contacting the developer (Lobo Olsson) - if anyone has contact with him, could you please ask if something is on its way?

What’s new v1.1.0:
[Feature] Added device specific settings for Navigation mode, No-go lines and EcoMode.


Should be nice if there is a more sustainable structure in the ownership for app development practices.

E.g. if there would be a possibility to contribute -give money- to specific functionalities, I would contribute to that.

Paying a developer to implement a specific feature doesn’t do anything for the sustainability of an app, unless you think that because you paid, the developer is indebted to you for maintaining the feature.

Sustainability of an app depends on other factors, like creating a good developer infrastructure, keeping developers well informed on any upcoming changes that might be important, the ability to deal with bad reviews of an app, and most importantly, keeping the developer interested in your product (by offering sneak peeks, discounts, etc).