Neato D8

I have bought a Neato D8 robot vacuumcleaner with the idea to connect it to Homey as I have done with other D4’s. I now found out that the D8 uses a different IOS app (My Neato) instead of the “old” app. The new robots seem to connect to Neatocloud and can’t be found by the Neato Botvac app on Homey.

Is anybody else having this issue? Or does anybody know a solution?

Searching for “neato” gave this result. Maybe it is of any use

Neato test app version

Imam already using the “standaard” Homey app test version as I already have a D4. But that app is connecting to the original account and not to the nee Neatocloud. The D8 (and u-waards I Guess) are connecting to Neatocloud. So there is no use in reconnecting as it will be reconnecting to the same (wrong) account.