Neato Botvac D5 status

No topic about the Neato app found also not the same isseu comes above when using the search option.

Maybe other also have notice this when using neato botvac app.

Neato BotVac App for Homey | Homey

The first thing i notice is that there are 3 different names for the same thing (note, iam on the dutch language)

The Device card says “stofzuigen”


The Tag says “Cleaning”


And the Flow card says “aan het schoonmaken”


This is a bit strange in my opium, so i made a github post about it. And just wondering others have notice this also. or its just me "de zeikerd :joy: " shouldnt this be the same in al 3 cards?

Also and thats more importent, when the robot is starting with cleaning the status changing directly to “stop” this isnt right ofcourse. After a while (not sure how long, i think seconds) its changing to “cleaning”

For this i also already have maked a git hub isseu

If others also notice this, please respond on the github pages.