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Neato changes status all the time

This might be an API problem more than app, but I’ve had a flow that reacts to “docked” “charging” etc to get notified when it’s finished, and what battery percentage it has when finished.

Now it seems to go from 100%, down to 95% and up again with a steady interval, which it didn’t before.
The flow is now run hourly or so because of this, because it changes from “docked” to “charging” and back again.

If I choose “stopped”, I still get status update because it keeps changing to different statuses all the time while docked.

If you would have take some time to use the search function here on the forum you would found this.

This topic i started and experience the same as you do. I already as you can read there opend a github isseu for it.

So i suggest to controbute further in that topic.

No need to open another topic for the same problem