Natural Gas detector

Hello everybody,

I am looking to add in Homey a natural gas leak detector and I see there are not many options supported by Homey (even some of the few supported options I see seems not to be for natural gas) and for those I see supported (eg. Shelly Wifi based which is not what I would like as for security reasons I prefer not to add wifi devices to my local network) there is a plug incorporated in the device and not a cable. This is a bit annoying since I think natural gas is very light so the right place to locate it is near the ceiling (maybe around 1 m below) while plugs at home are closed to the bottom of the rooms.

Any experience on this? Thank you for your help.


Shelly also suggests placing the CNG sensor close(-ish) to the ceiling. If you don’t have sockets there, you could use an extension lead perhaps.

As for security: at least the Shelly devices can be configured to work entirely local, as opposed to Homey itself.

Thank you @robertklep for your response.

Regarding the security, if Shelly devices can be handled locally it definitively improves the security. In any case, and even if you can locate devices in a DMZ and even if they are local, the fewer you have the safer you will be. Of course, there are certain situations where you might still need to have some.