DIY Cheap Gas leak detector

I have smart smoke and co detectors at home but didn’t manage to find gas detector that will work with Homey so i made one from two different devices :blush:
I want to share with you my new cheap natural gas leak detector for around 30 € :grinning:

From Aliexpress i ordered this gas leak detector:

As i tested it detects quiqly natural gas and sound very loud with strobe lamp
It has 433mhz transmitter already inside but as we know Homey cannot learn 433Mhz signals and its also bad idea to use 433mhz as its not reliable.
That why i used Neo coolcam door sensor ( also xiaomi door sensor is perfect)




Final result

And combination with door sensor and flow that sends message and close gas valve


Nice job. Only drawback imho is that you don’t have room for the 9v battery anymore. So no backup in case of a power failure.

Yes i thought about it and will use xiaomi door sensor as small enough to fit along with battery inside.
But at the moment i’m waiting it to arrive from china

You could try to put the door sensor on the outside, it’s just 2 small wires. Then you can swap the battery easy if necessary and always test if it still works with a magnet… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m using the LevelPro leak detection sensor device for a long time without any trouble and also the support team is very helpful. So you can check this device from Icon Process Controls website:

Heiman has a gas sensor that is supported by Homey (Heiman app). But a diy project is always rewarding too!

Which gas valve do you use and how did you connect it to Homey?