Nanoleaf downlight help


I was wondering if these nanoleaf downlights would work with homey pro.

Hi Vishal

Yup, Matter lights are supported with Homey Pro 2023 only. While these lights use Matter over Thread, for now you’ll need an external Thread border router, as described below (Homey’s Thread implementation is not rolled out yet)

You mean the thread that was enabled in an (still) experimental Homey update (v10.3.0-rc.5)?

But to answer the OP, let us know if it works, thread is still very, very new. (Hence it being in experimental still).
The chances of anyone already tried your specific device is still very low.

You’re absolutely right. Forgot about that update appearantly :sweat_smile:

Hi Vishal,

Did you try it? Does it work?
Are there any restricitions?
I want to buy the same lights so any information is helpful.

  • Can you also change the light temperature via Homey?
  • Can you dim it?
  • Did you manage dimming via an external wall switch? If yes, which Hardware do you use?
    I’m thinking about Shelly i4 with wave or the Shally dimmer. But it’s quite difficult to find out, what’s compatible.
  • Does the Nanoleaf app work even if the lamp is connected to Homey?

Thanks in advance!