Nanoleaf elements Gu10 and down lights

Hey there.
Does anyone know how to pair the Nanoleaf bulbs (not shapes) through homey and still access them on Nanoleaf app for updates. I know I can pair them via matter but it throws the thread network out of whack and I have a ghost Nanoleaf bulb. I’m using apple HomeKit. The Nanoleaf controlled by a physical switch via a Shelly hence the reason I need them in homey BEFORE HomeKit.
Other Nanoleaf kit is supported. I can get it to work but not as well as I’d like.


I added an E27 and two GU10 elements directly to Homey thread network couple of days ago. Now in Nanoleaf app, I can see Homey under More/Thread network and I can add my lights via bluetooth into my devices. Then fw updates can happen via direct bt connection.