Namron 4512701 Zigbee 1 channel switch - User manual?

I bought this switch, and I’ve paired it with my ConBee II coordinator using it Home Assistant and the Phoscon/deConz integration. It works well, but the switch keeps sending some strange (unknown) events at random intervals. And the logic behind the two buttons is difficult to understand.
A search online for Namron products user manuals doesn’t give any hits, and this is the first time I’ve bought a product that came without any written material what so ever, in the box.
I need some kind of documentaions to understand which exact commands this switch is sending, as well as how to flash update its firmware.
Does anyone know where Namron documentation can be found?

Nothing usable here, Viking?
I get lots of results.
(It’s just a question, not meant to be rude)