Mysql - app - SOLVED

I have 10 years of energy measures in a MYSQL database.
I downloaded this app but dont get it to work. Dont see any numbers.
The query I am using looks like this.
SELECT counts_a_60 AS ‘power’, counts_a_24 AS ‘meter’ FROM answers a ORDER BY Created DESC LIMIT 1;

I can test my sql statement in query browser and it returns values ok, see picture


I now got it working. And I think it was something when entering query in the app on my Iphone. Because when I logon and added the device there and copy/paste the query and other fields it starts working. So maybe some characters got wrong when writing it on my iphone.

Just like TS I have several sensors stored in a SQL server.
(OneWire temperature sensors)
I would like to get some of the sensors into my homey.
but I cant get it working.
This is the string I am using.
SELECT Fahrenheit AS ‘temp’ FROM digitemp WHERE SerialNumber LIKE ‘106785F501080089’ ORDER BY time DESC LIMIT 1;

The string works just fine when running it manually as a SQL query

I am only intrested in the last logged temperature but I get no value in my homey.
Any suggestions?