Database control

Is it possible to get control over the database containing the information of my appliances?

The apps are great but I want to see the data itself and to be able to control it, instead of it being on some server of Athom. Recently I hooked up my smart meter via a Rapsberry Pi-zero thus enabling me to see my home’s energy data. That is nice and local and under my control. That is how I want to keep my data stored for Homey.

So now Homey knows exactly when the lights are on and when the doors are open. But if i want to know that, I have to ask Homey. Not how I like it.
So therefor the question: Can I manage my own data stored in the Homey-database? How to connect to it, download it, delete or restore it, whenever I like.

Simple answer. No, you cant access the data other then using the mobile app or the browser app. If you want to get access to the api that homey is using you should ask athom or reverse engineer the api’s yourself I guess.

And btw… all data is, as far as I know, stored on the device in youre house.

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Hello Tim,

you might try to send the data of each device by MQTT Client to an external MQTT Broker, fetch theses information and write them to an SQL.


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I fully agree with @Jeroen_Somhorst

But my Answer would be:
Simple Answer Yes, everything she knows about you and your life is stored in the database on Homey and at this moment I can’t think of things that I can not get out of the database of Homey.
Use the Athom-Api to get all from Homey (Zones, Devices, Settings, Flows, Alarms, Folders, Insights, etc. etc. )

And what is not stored in the database on her, they (Athom) store it in the cloud and is absolute necessary to function. Your Account, ID of your Homey’s, Your Phones and the Apps you develop. Can’t think of more…

I played with HomeyScript or the New Api playground ( and I can’t think of anything that I can’t access from the API, most things can be changed with the Api if it is logical to change. They prevent changing most things that would break Homeys functioning.

The only thing I don’t know what they collect and store: Number of Devices (fe a KAKU or Zigbee Device) or Services Connected (How many users use Google Home, Alexa, Spotify ) for making Services better…

(11) For business intelligence and marketing
…installed devices, structure of the home and aggegrated user data. Note that all data used for this goal is pseudonymized before analysis.

If you are worried about your privacy, see here:

and the full policy: