Any way to do a "countup" instead of a countdown?

I would, if possible, like to be able to know how long since a particular event. For example - how long ago the last movement on a movement sensor happened.

Any ideas?

You don’t need this for capabilities, to see the last for example motion detected, you can see the time received by just clicking on the capability in the mobile app.

I need to USE the information, not view it manually.

For instance, send it to me the latest time some sensor detected movement if I push an IFTTT-button.

Perhaps I want to have a webpage of my house and show latest movement times on each and every sensor… of something else… can probably think of a lot of ideas if this would be possible.

I suggest setting a variable on movement and then read the time from that.

Can you give an example on how you set time? I have no device that has current time as a tag.

You can easy log to Simple LOG , every logged item gets a timestamp.

Sure… but how would I read information from there as control information in a flow? I don’t want to know/read it… I want to be able to use it…

These 2 tags are default tags available in homey, no need for an app.

Then you can use this tag of this logic value anywhere you’d like

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Sorry, good idea - but it’s a bit difficult to do any logical tests on a varying textual variable - I would want it numerical.

E.g. how would you test if the textual variable was “more than 3.5 hours ago” ?

Then you really need to start thinking about using Homey Script, or fill in an app/feature request for athom/community.

I already sent the request for having date/time as numeric variable types… that probably sorts it if they ever do. This thread was just to poll the audience for any existing solutions I’d missed.

Better Logic can calculate seconds since epoch with $timenow$

Also, this is built-in in Homey but I forgot how…

BTW, @ralfvd also created a countup-app but don’t know how it works on V2

Installed your app about a year ago and I am still using it. Works just fine in 2.x

Just checked your app. Looks like it isn’t working after all.

Now I’m confused :confused: Does that app work or not?

would like to see it too. I now have a timer counting down from two hours so i get a message when my son must stop playing on the ps4. But also would like to know how long he has been playing when for example it is a holiday and it is really rainy. Would be easier if we just could count up.

I thought it was working because the flows were still doing their job. Turned out that the timers were not updated anymore.

Make a request for Ralf @