Timer App!

Is there any app to start a timer to count time?
For example if window sensor are open then count time. If time is over 15 minutes then push message „Window XX is still open“
If it’s still not closed I can use if the time is over 20 minutes

I know I can use the countdown timer for ten minutes. But I wanna count the time, because then I can send more than one push message.
I don‘t wanna make more than one timer for every device.

Check Homey apps…

I only find the countdown timer app or other app for pir sensors. Would be fine to check if the status hasn‘t changed after xxx minutes.

So u did find the countdown app?

Yes but this is no solution!

As I’ve already written. I don’t want time to run out but to count up.
My solution was now to use the “device hasn’t reported in”

So u wanna start a timer that lasts forever. If u open the window u start a timer that lasts forever. When timer is on 15 minutes and window is still open then send message. When timer is at 20 minutes and window is still open then send message again.
What’s the difference in counting up or down in this case?

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I agree with others that count down works.
I use it to tell us when the front door to open as follows:
Flow 1 triggers when door opens and sets a timer to 30 seconds.
Flow 2 triggers when timer is zero and makes homey speak plus sets the same timer to 10 seconds.
Flow 3 triggers when door closed and cancels the timer.

Obviously you can adjust the timer lengths.

Try this app: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.synplyworks.thenmore

Timer app is perfect for this, i say the same as the rest of the crowd

I am still struggling with the Timer App.

I have 3 sensors grouped to one, with the Ggroup App. On motion alarm, the kitchen light turns on. That works fine.

However, even if all 3 sensors are still reporting an alarm and the grouped alarm sensors as the trigger of the flow, also shows a motion alarm, the kitchen light still will turn off…

Here the trigger card with the grouped motion alarm sensors:

Here the timer settings in the THAN:

What am I doing wrong?

Sorry I don’t understand the Dutch but are you triggering the timer when the sensor alarm switches off?
Normally the sensors turn on and stay on all the time they detect movement and will have their own timer for this.
So they won’t keep sending movement signals to retrigger the timer.


The THAN card switches on the light (KK - Kook S1) and a Timer for 120 seconds. I beliece to understand that the timer is restarted if motion alarm from the IF trigger is received.

The motion alarm devices have the alarm canceled after 30 seconds, well before the timer of the THAN card.

But I think the device will only turn off the alarm if no motion is detected for 30 seconds. So if there’s movement the alarm stays on.
If you activate motion then move clear for 35 seconds then activate motion again, etc then your set-up will probably work.
Normally the timer is stopped by the on condition and started by the off condition.

The Timer App I am using should accommodate this as a ‘all in one’ devise.

It does the on/off switching, has a timer and is capable of re-truggering.

This is the App:

Looking at the app details:

TodoFind a away to handle motion started/ended triggers better, since with continious motion, the timer will end sooner than (maybe even before) the last motion.

So is that what you see?

Yes! That is my problem too!
Overlooked that! Sorry and thanks!

The light goes Off with continuous motion…

No problem.
I use the CountDown app. I clear the timer when motion is detected and start / reset it when the alarm is cleared. Then I have a flow that’s triggered by the counter reaching 0 that switches the lights off.
However you could just use the device timer to do the job with two flows: turn light on when alarm comes on and another to turn the lights off when the alarm is cleared.

I hoped to reduce flows with this Timer App. I have a similar solution to you that works fine, albeit with 3 flows.

Hopefully a solution for the continuous motion alarm will arise.

Thanks for your help and replies!

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@Eternity Can you try to change the setting “negeer als het apparaat al aanstaat” to “beheers het toch”.
I am not sure if this is impactimg the switching of the device only or also the timer.

I have my timer at “beheers het toch” combined with the motion sensor.
Works perfect

Update: just changed my flow to “negeer als het apparaat al aan staat” and still working fine.
So thats not it

Some motion sensors (like my hue) have a setting for minimal report interval.
If you change that to a lower numer it will solve that problem. (I will start eating more battery)

Mine is default at 1s (the ms is a typo by athom) the timer is working fine.