Create a flow based on timer

I have door sensor and i want to create a flow that goes like this
If the door open
For more then 3 minute
Send notification to my phone

How do i do the 3 minutes part? I couldn’t find how to add tine condition

Use countdown app.

Install app countdown and you can add in your flows a timer. Make e.g. Timer Deursensor and ad this timer in a flow with 180 sec.

Oh i try to it with timer app
Ok so i created a timer inside the app setting
But not sure how to apply it on a flow

What do i need to write down in the value?
The 3 min i set it up in the app settings

You set the length of the timer in the flow, not in the Countdown app itself. So the value is the number of seconds.

You need these flows:

When: door open
Start timer: 3 minutes

When: door closed
Stop timer

When: timer ends
Send notification to phone

When: door open
Start timer: 3 minutes

When: timer ends
And: door is open
Send notification to phone)

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So in the app i just need to create timer with the name and not edit it to add second?
And in the flow itself i add the time?

Yes. When you’re creating a timer in the app it doesn’t really matter what time you set.

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Ok i think i got it
Thank you all for the quickest replay!!!