My zigbee temperature sensors regularly disappear

For about a month, my temperature+humidity(+presure) sensors (aquara/xiaomi, the round and the square one) disappear regularly.

Usually a push on their button fix the issue but it comes again less than a week later.

The battery level is reported 100% for most of them (76% for one of them). No new device added for months. The only changes are regular automotic software updates.

Any idea of what can go wrong ? Any way to investigate ?

Thanks for help.

Where do they disappear? If they come back and do function then, what is the problem??

diappear : the counters are not updated for hours/days… even if temperature/humidity change.

Not sure if it is the sensors that don’t transmit or a protocol error.

If I push the “association button” on the sensor, the counters are updated again.

Sounds like your sensors are dropping out of the mesh. Try adding some repeater/router devices.

It worked for months without any problem and they are at less than 20 meters from homey.
Could it be a bad report of the battery level ?

Read the post above urs!

Nobody asked it yet, so i will ask the standard question: How many devices do you have directly connected to Homey?
Another thing: Look at the channels of the strongest WiFi networks in your neighborhood to see if they overlap the Zigbee channel and might cause interference.

there are only 5 zigbee devices at all.

There are wifi on almost all the channels (building in town). hightest one one wifi channel 3. That’s mine. I’ll try to move it.

Easy to test by replacing the battery and checking if it works better :wink:

This behaviour has nothing to do with that.
It’s due to the „huge and eternal Zigbee-Core mistake“ that Athom promises to rewrite since almost 2 years.
So all you can do, is sit and wait…

If it was because of the Zigbee mistake, then why does it work fine with many others? And why did it work fine for months?
I think it is fair to think that there might be something else wrong there.

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Because THIS is exactly the behaviour of the Zigbee-mistake. I got around 20 sensors that work pretty flawless as they’re used quite often actively (or w flows). And around 20 others that work for a while and then after weeks, months or just days stop reporting at all.

I have 30 zigbee items. Battery operated and 220v operated. I never have problems other than empty batteries. Some door sensors are working even 1,5 with one battery so no it’s not due to the zigbee rewrite as it would not work so good in my house. I think it has to do with the way you zigbee network is build up. The less 220v operated items you have the more problems you Wil have. With enough 220v items you have no problems. But again this is only my opinion

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And that is exactly what happens if you have more then 20 devices connected directly to Homey. Nothing to do with a rewrite but everything with the hardware limitation. With 5 devices it should work fine.

The moment i added the 20th device it happened to me too. Now i have several newly added devices connected via an Ikea extender and all is working flawless again.

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WHO the hell is trying to connect more than 20 devices DIRECTLY to Homey?

According to the developer of the Aqara App the „stop reporting issue“ is due to the Zigbee core issue; so I trust Ted here.

Using several Hubs is standard procedure if you wanna have a good mesh coverage. Nevertheless: it doesn’t fix the Zigbee core issue, again.

However, I this might be not the case (which I truly would appreciate) then I am open to any recommendations re a fix. :pray:

Wow, someone is very grumpy. Is it the weather? World misery? Period?

To answer your question: I think more than a few Homey users try to do that. Or did you miss all the topics about this?

But anyway, I think TS will be glad you helped him solve his problem with this constructive contribution.

I still wonder why this should occur after months of flawless functioning and on the other hand is working fine for ages with others if it is wrong at the core…

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I just changed the battery of one sensor. Level was 2.8V (it was the one indicating 76% full).
I’ll see if it changes something.

Thanks for hints.