Aqara Temperature sensors drop out

I have about 10 of the Aqara temperature and humidity sensors, I find that some of them just stop reporting info after a while. The battery section on the device says full, if I single press the button on the sensor it gives me a blue blink so it’s alive, I also have a lot of wired zigbee repeaters around the house so no drama there.

Is it a case of low battery and the battery section in the app is inaccurate and that what’s left is only enough to stay paired but not transmit.

Any help is appreciated

Specifically with Homey, the combination of Aqara sensors and IKEA devices in the same Zigbee network is known to cause issues.

Any way you know of to try remedy the situation a flow to maybe to force them like a push or something?

There is no solution. Some people have moved to a better Zigbee implementation that doesn’t have these issues (zigbee2mqtt for instance), or have gotten rid of all their IKEA or Aqara devices.

Is it an easy process to switch over? Appreciate your help by the way thank you

It’s not trivial to switch over because zigbee2mqtt doesn’t run on Homey itself, so you need additional hardware to run it on (like a Raspberry Pi or a NAS), together with a Zigbee dongle (like a Sonoff), and you’ll need at least some Linux knowledge to get it up and running.

They (finally) seem busy trying to fix it, for both Pro 201x and 2023 models…

What firmware is your Homey running?


The workaround mentioned has to do with Aqara devices only pairing with a hub that sends a particular code during the pairing process.

I have 10.0.6

I was also having these issues together with some IKEA light bulbs (only RGB E27?).
With the ones that lost connection, I’ve made sure they were connected to another Zigbee Router, in my case an IKEA Repeater. You can check the route on the Developers page.
I changed the route by re-adding the sensor (without deleting it) near the Repeater.
It shows that It’s already connected, but it will change the route.
Since then I’ve had no problems anymore :slight_smile:

How did you change the route?

“by re-adding the sensor (without deleting it) near the Repeater”